NCBS Notebook: Who’s Looking Good Through Week One?

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Throughout the summer I will have a weekly notebook profiling what is going on in the entire NCBS (CCBLL & OCBLL).

In this first NCBS notebook we take a look at some of the teams that have started hot through the first week of the season, as well as some players that are currently sitting atop each league as well.


The third season of CCBLL play just kicked off on Sunday, June 23rd. Through the first week of the season the Bighorns have started off as hot as any team, sitting at 3-0 and being the only team still unbeaten.

Offense has been a crucial piece to the Bighorns success early on with having three of the league’s top scorers in Carter’s Jensen, Joshua Carlson, and Montana McLaughlin.The Bighorns have been stellar in creating offense early on and being able to sustain a lead down the stretch, pulling out a few close victories as well.

Jensen is currently second in the CCBLL in scoring with 12 points (8G,4A) while Carlson and McLaughlin each have 11 points (9G,2A).

The Fighting Bison and Stoneflies are currently tied for second place in the CCBLL with a current record of 2-1. They have been pretty up and down thus far, but it is still very early.

Again, a depth of scoring early on has played a big part in their success. While Grant Breeden has been leading this Fighting Bison offense with 10 points (5G,5A) TK Hammond has been all over the floor contributions in multiple ways.

Hammond has been one of the most impressive players in the CCBLL thus far, tallying 8 goals (4G,4A) while also scooping up 9 loose balls and going 13-29 at the faceoff dot. He has simply been all over the floor, making a huge difference along with many others.

Besides a ten-point loss to Fighting Bison, Stoneflies have been in two pretty close games early on this season.

Stoneflies have been able to pull through late in games and much of their success has come from top heavy offense with Colby Lensing, Matt Pollack, and Drew Lazar leading the way.

Lensing has scored 8 goals thus far while Lazar has 7 goals. Matt Pollack has tallied 8 points as well with 4 goals and 4 assist on the season thus far.

With the Bighorns, Fighting Bison, and Stoneflies sitting as the top three teams in the CCBLL thus far, Gold Miners and RedHawks are both 1-2 while Blizzard sits in last place, being 0-3 at the moment.


The second OCBLL season kicked off about a week ago and each team has played at least two games while a few have played three games. Through this early part of the season the Walleyes are sitting on top at 2-0 while Aviators and Stags round out the top five.

Close contest have been a theme early on for many teams, including the Walleyes. They have been able to use some late runs to get ahead and secure close wins. It’s been a total team effort to get it done down the stretch, and Walleyes have done that in both of their wins thus far.

Early on, Nate Mendez and Mike Boehm have bene two of the leaders for the Walleyes offense. Crew Clinton and Evan Bongers have also been two of the leaders for Walleyes early on as well, providing some good scoring depth.

Aviators are currently sitting at 1-1 on the season but have recently found ways to put all the pieces together for a full game, helping them secure their first game against the Rivermen.

Griffin Hughes has been a huge piece of the Aviators offense, currently leading them in scoring with 14 points (11G,3A). In addition, CJ Hughes and Cliff Kigar have been two others that the Aviators have leaned on a lot early in the season as well as some others, giving them a pretty deep offensive unit. 

The Stags are currently sitting at 1-2 on the season and looking for some consistency. In their first game they defeated Aviators 17-13, but have since lost two straight. Lucas Buckley has been their leader with 9 points (5G4A) so far. 

In addition to Buckley, Austin Popovich and Connor O’Brein have been very good as well. Both have been big contributors on offense while also making an impact elsewhere on the floor. 

With the Walleyes, Aviators, and Stags sitting as the top three teams in the OCBLL thus far, the Rivemen and Guardians are at the bottom but still very much in the race. The Rivermen are 1-1 at the moment while the Guardians are currently 1-2. 

Full Standings


  1. Bighorns – 3-0
  2. Fighting Bison – 2-1
  3. Stoneflies – 2-1
  4. Gold Miners – 1-2
  5. RedHawks – 1-2
  6. Blizzards – 0-3


  1. Walleyes – 2-0
  2. Aviators – 1-1
  3. Stags – 1-2
  4. Rivermen – 1-1
  5. Guardians – 1-2


Stags And Walleyes Kickoff OCBLL With Wins

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The USBOXLA NCBS season is officially underway with the Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (OCBLL) getting things started on Wednesday night in Columbus and Cleveland. At the end of the season the OCBLL champs will play the CCBLL champs for the NCBS championship, the first of it’s kind in the United States. 

On opening night the OCBLL got things started off nicely with two very good games, including the Guardians first-ever game as an expansion team. The Stags also got a win on opening night as well. 

Stags 17, Aviators 13

It was a close one for the majority of the contest with both sides going back-and-forth. Heading into the third period the Stags held just a 12-10 lead. They would be able to pull away with a four-goal run through the middle of the third to help them secure the win. 

Lukas Buckley led the way for the Stags with 5 points (4G,1A) while Carter Hilleary tallied 4 points (3G,1A). In addition, Max Elliott went 10-15 at the faceoff dot as well. 

Aviators were led by Griffin Hughs who absolutely dominated, scoring 8 goals. CJ Hughes also scored 2 goals while Cliff Kigar tallied 2 points (1G,1A) for Aviators. 

Walleyes 16, Guardians 14

In a very close contest the Walleyes took down the Guardians, giving them a nice welcome into the league. It was a game of runs and the Walleyes went on a few big ones, especially in the final two periods, to help secure the win. 


Rivermen Defeat Walleyes to Capture Inaugural Ohio Cup

(Photo Credit: Sue Doud)

The Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (OCBLL) Ohio Cup Finals Game two was tonight as the Rivermen won the inaugural championship. The Rivermen would use an impressive display of offense, Goal tending, and transition play to beat the Walleyes 15-9 and capture the first Ohio Cup Finals championship.

In the first quarter the Rivermen would start strong with a four goal run. During that run we would see three different scorers for the Rivermen. Vittorrio Cancila would score twice as Nick Musci and David St. Clair each netted one. The Walleyes wouldn’t fold just yet as they answered with a three goal run of their own. Mark McGinley, Jason Sullivan, and Nate Mendez would all score during that Walleyes run. The first period would end with a Jack Jasinski goal to put the Rivermen up 5-3 heading into the second.

The Rivermen would continue to dominate in the second, but the Walleyes wouldn’t go away just yet. The second would start with the Rivermen getting a goal from Jack Jasinski and the Walleyes answering with a Collin Mitchell goal. That would be the last Walleyes goal or a while as the Rivermen would go on a three goal run in which Jackson Hannah, Jack Jasinski, and David St. Clair would all contribute goals. The Walleyes would finally answer late in the second as Collin Mitchell would end the scoring drought. The Rivermen wouldn’t let the period end like that as Colby Barker would score to push the Rivermen lead out to 10-5 heading into the third.

With the Walleyes in a deep hole heading into the third they would try all they could to dig themselves out. The third would be a little more back and fourth as they biggest run we saw was a two goal run from each squad. In the third we would see the Walleyes score four goals to try and get back on track. Those four goals would come by way of Michael Wilson, who had two, and Luke Swaddling. The Rivermen would continue to build on their lead as they tallied five goals in the third. Nick Musci, Jackson Hannah, and Vittorrio Cancila each had one goal for the Rivermen. Gleeson would have two. That offensive performance effectively put the Walleyes away and secure the 15-9 victory for the Rivermen.

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Rivermen Defeat Walleyes in Ohio Cup Game One

(Photo Credit: OCBLL)

The Ohio Collegiate Box lacrosse League (OCBLL) Ohio Cup Finals got underway on Monday night with game one. The Rivermen would get the 16-12 win to go up 1-0 in the best of three series.

The Rivermen started the game off with a three goal run early in the first period to get things started During that three goal run we would goals from Jackson Hannah, Matthew Blevins, and Gleeson. The Walleyes would be able to stop the bleeding with a two goal run as Jason Sullivan and Zachary Kasson would cut the Rivermen lead to 3-1. The Rivermen would get four more goals to close out the period and the Walleyes would get one. The goal scorers for the Rivermen would be Bryce Keaton, Logan Maccani, Jack Jasinski, and Jackson Hannah. The Walleyes last goal of the first period would come by way of Jared Stepka. That late offensive burst would give the Rivermen a 7-3 lead heading into the second period.

The scoring would ramp up even more in the second, especially for the Walleyes. The Walleyes would start off the second with a two goal run in which we would see goals from Alex Hoyen and Michael Wilson. The Rivermen and Walleyes would go back and fourth trading goals in the middle of the period Before the Walleyes would end the period with a three goal run. As teams traded goals back and fourth we would see Jackson Hannah get two goals and Jack Jasinski get one for the Rivermen. For the Walleyes we would see Nate Mendez, Michael Wilson, and Luke Swaddling get goals. After that very physical back and fourth battle in the middle of the second the Walleyes would finish off the period with a three goal run in which they would see goals from Gage Johnson, Zachary Kasson, and Andrew Boniface. The impressive display of offense would have the Walleyes leading 11-10 heading into the third period.

The Third period would be stellar as we saw some exciting action that included great offense and physicality all over the floor. The period would be dominated by the Rivermen who were able to use their offense to secure the win. The Rivermen would start the third period off with a five goal run. During that Rivermen run we would see Nick Musci get three goals and Jack Jasinski and Jackson Hannah each get one goal a piece. The Walleyes would stop the bleeding, at least for a moment, as Luke Swaddling would score to cut the Rivermen lead to 15-12. The Rivermen would close out the game with Jackson Hannah getting his sixth of the night to secure the 16-12 victory for the Rivermen.

Game two will be on Wednesday, August 1st.

NCBS Announces OCBLL and CCBLL Season Awards

(Photo Credit: CCBLL)

The National Collegiate Box Series (NCBS) has announced the season awards for the Colorado Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (CCBLL) and the Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (OCBLL). These awards include MVP, Coach of the year (OCBLL), and Coaches Awards. The Coaches awards go to a player, chosen by the coaches, that had a positive impact to their teams success, chemistry, and character


MVP: Troy Loper, Gold Miners (Cleveland State)
Coaches Awards: 
Connor Fox, Blizzard (Brown)
Nate Marano, Fighting Bison (Denver)
Brandon Connell, Stoneflies
AJ Guralas, Red Hawks (Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo)
Jeremy Magno, Gold Miners (Harvard)
Isaac Atenico, Bighorns (Cleveland State)


MVP: Landon Trout, Rivermen (Bellarmine)
Coach of the Year: Steve Gartelman, Walleyes
Coaches Awards:
Gage Johnson, Walleyes (Cleveland State)
Jack Jasinski, Rivermen (Ohio State)
Fin Arneson, Stags (Alabama Huntsville)
Zach Wahley, Aviators (Capital)

NCBS: CCBLL & OCBLL Finals and Semifinals Set

(Photo Credit: USBOXLA)
The National Collegiate Box Series (NCBS) playoffs started on Wednesday night in both the Colorado Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (CCBLL) and the Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (OCBLL). We would see some pretty good games as we found out who will continue and who’s season would end. The one suprise of the night was that Trevor Baptiste suited up for the Fighting Bison in the CCBLL Quarterfinals. The Boston Cannon’s Faceoff man took faceoffs and ran the floor tonight.



Wednesday, July 25th
#4 Stoneflies 10 vs #5 Fighting Bison 5
#3 Red Hawks 18 vs #6 Blizzard 5


Friday, July 27th
#1 Big Horns vs #5 Fighting Bison – 8:30 PM ET
#2 Gold Miners vs #3 Red Hawks – 10 PM ET




Wednesday, July 25th
#1 Rivermen 13 vs #4 Stags 12
#2 Walleyes 20 vs #3 Aviators 13

Ohio Cup Finals

Game 1: Monday, July 30th
 #1 Rivermen vs #2 Walleyes – 7 PM ET
Game 2: Wednesday, August 1st
#1 Rivermen vs #2 Walleyes – 7 PM ET


NCBS: OCBLL & CCBLL Begin Playoffs

(Photo Credit: USBOXLA)

The regular seasons for both the Colorado Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (CCBLL) and Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (OCBLL) has now concluded as they both finished up on Sunday and Monday. The playoffs for each league will begin this week with the CCBLL playoffs starting on Wednesday. Each league has teams seeded based on where they finished in the regular season.

Final Standings


1. Bighorns (8-2)
2. Gold Miners (7-3)
3. Red Hawks (6-4)
4. Stoneflies (5-5)
5. Fighting Bison (4-6)
6. Blizzard (0-10)


1. Rivermen (7-4)
2. Aviators (7-4)
3. Walleyes (4-7)
4. Stags (4-7)

Playoff Schedules


#1 Bighorns and #2 Gold Miners get 1st round byes
Wednesday, July 25 #4 Stoneflies vs Fighting Bison – 8:30 PM ET #3 Red Hawks vs Blizzard – 11PM ET


Wednesday, July 25th
Stags vs Rivermen – 6PM ET
Walleyes vs Aviators – 7:30 PM ET

NCBS Update; Stats, Standings, and More

Photo Credit: USBOXLA

The National Collegiate Box Series (NCBS) is now comprised of two leagues as the Colorado Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (CCBLL), started last year, has expanded to Ohio with the Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (OCBLL). The drafts and combines are over and each league is now a few weeks in. It has been really fun to follow both leagues as there is some high caliber box lacrosse being played.






Aviators (2-1)
Stags (2-1)
Rivermen (1-2)
Walleye (1-2)


Big Horns (2-0)
Stoneflies (1-1)
Fighting Bison (1-1)
Red Hawks (1-1)
Gold Miners (0-1)
Blizzard (0-1)



(There are no player stats up for the OCBLL yet)


Points Leaders
1.) Bobby Goggin, #11, Red Hawks (Colgate) – 13 pts
2.) Bryan Hancock, #9, Red Hawks (Hobart) – 10 pts
3.) Jake Govett, #14, Red Hawks (Delaware) – 9 pts
4.) Anthony Ferrie, #17, Big Horns (CSU-Pueblo) – 8 pts
5.) Nate Marano, #19, Fighting Bison (Denver) – 8 pts
Goal Leaders
1.) Jake Govett, #14, Red Hawks (Delaware) – 9 goals
2.) Nate Marano, #19, Fighting Bison (Denver) – 7 goals
3.) Bobby Goggin, #11, Red Hawks (Colgate) – 7 goals
4.) Matt Soran, #13, Big Horns (Drexel) – 6 goals
5.) Anthony Ferrie, #17, Big Horns (CSU-Pueblo) – 5 goals
Assist Leaders
1.) Bobby Goggin, #11, Red Hawks (Colgate) – 6 assist
2.) Bryan Hancock, #9, Red Hawks (Hobart) – 5 assist
3.) Austin Mello, #16, Red Hawks (Vassar) – 5 assist
4.) Colby Lensing, #3, Stoneflies (HS) – 4 assist
5.) Char Kreuzer, #16, Big Horns (Furman) – 3 assist

Trout and Jasinski Headline Inaugural OCBLL draft

Photo Credit: Preps Net

The Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League, OCBLL, had their inaugural draft on Friday afternoon. The OCBLL is a box lacrosse league for college age players that gives American players a similar experience that Canadian players have had for years playing summer box. This league is the second college box lacrosse league in the United States.

More info on the OCBLL Here

This inaugural season of OCBLL play will be full of talent. The top two picks of the draft were Landon Trout (Bellarmine) and Jack Jasinski (Ohio State). Those are just two guys among many talented players that you should watch for this season.

Round 1

#1 Aviators – Landon Trout, F, Bellarmine
#2 Rivermen – Jack Jasinski, F, Ohio State
#3 Walleyes – Michael Wilson, F, Cleveland State
#4 Stags – Connor O’Brein, F, Wheeling Jesuit

Round 2

#5 Stags – Zach Whitenack, D, Cleveland State
#6 Walleyes – Andrew Boniface, F, Hartford
#7 Rivermen – Nick Musci, F, Ohio State
#8 Aviators – Hunter Barco, F, Ohio State

Round 3

#9 Rivermen – Jack Hannah, F, Denver
#10 Walleyes – Jason Sullivan, F, Cleveland State
#11 Stags – Austin Popovich, F, Robert Morris
#12 Aviators – C.J. Hughes, F, Capital

Round 4

#13 Walleyes – Collin Mitchell, F, Seton Hill
#14 Stags – Cole Jaquith, F, Denision
#15 Aviators – Dylan Comella, D, Capital
#16 Rivermen – Logan Maccani, D, Ohio State

Round 5

#17 Stags – Jed Manning, T, Ohio State
#18 Aviators – Skylar Wahlund, T, Ohio State
#19 Rivermen – Matt Huizenga, G, Ohio Northern
#20 Walleyes – Crew Cintron, F, Lehigh

Round 6

#21 Aviators – Phillip Elliot, G, Independent
#22 Rivermen – Colby Barker, F, Ohio State
#23 Walleyes – Jared Stepka, F, Cleveland State
#24 Stags – Sam Hixon, T, Onadaga CC

Round 7

#25 Rivermen – David St. Clair, T, Seton Hill
#26 Walleyes – Nate Mendez, F, Cleveland State
#27 Stags – Max Elliot, D, Haveford
#28 Aviators – Cliff Kigar, F, RPI

Round 8

#29 Walleyes -Nathan Brunner, FO, Limestone
#30 Stags – Eric NeCamo, F, Rollins
#31 Aviators – Evan Hellmich, D, Robert Morris
#32 Rivermen – Vittorrio Cancilla, F, Indianapolis

The Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League

Graphic: Jeremy Garcia
      The Ohio Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (OCBLL) is a new collegiate box league that will start play this summer. The OCBLL is part of the National Collegiate Box Series that is run through the US Box Lacrosse Association (USBOXLA).
The OCBLL will be the second league in the National Collegiate Box Series as they join the Colorado Collegiate Box Lacrosse League (CCBLL) that was started last season by the University of Denver offensive coordinator Matt Brown. He created the CCBLL to give American born players an opportunity to play box lacrosse in the summer and not have to go to Canada. Also, with NLL expansion this will help be a pipeline for more Americans in the NLL. Our brothers up north play box lacrosse in the summer and they have different levels like Junior A and Junior B as well as Senior A and Senior B. This is the system that Canadian born players are bred in and it really is a great thing.

   The OCBLL will start play this summer and will have six teams. The way it works is that players register to play in the OCBLL and then the league will hold a draft. This league is open to rising college freshman to rising college seniors. The OCBLL is headed by Nick Meyer and Dylan Sheridan who are both DI college coaches in Ohio. Nick Meyers is the head coach at Ohio State and Dylan Sheridan is the head coach at Cleveland State.

The six teams for the inagural OCBLL season have just recently been released.

   I want to let all college lacrosse players from the state of Kentucky that will be rising freshman, sophomores, juniors, or seniors that this will be a great opportunity to get better over the summer. These games will be played in Cleveland and Columbus so that is not far at all. As Coach Sheridan says in the statement below, you can get an internship up there and play in the OCBLL while doing so. I seriously want to see some guys from Kentucky up there playing this summer. Box can help you develop skills like playing in tight areas among many other things that you just can’t learn in the field game. Throughout this spring I have noticed a difference in the guys that played box over the winter for programs like L4, or guys that played in Canada over the summer. Those guys seem to be playing very well right now and you can see how box lacrosse has helped them be better in the field game. The OCBLL is something that you should really seriously consider.

Register Here:

2018 Schedule:

Here are some statements from Coach Meyers, Sheridan, and a college player that are featured on 
“The OCBLL in Cleveland will provide an outlet for elite player development over the summer for collegiate student-athletes serious about improving their game and competing at a high level,” added Sheridan. “Players in Cleveland can live downtown and take advantage of a wide array of job and internship opportunities in the city. 
“In addition to growing as lacrosse players, I want them to gain valuable work experience, expand their professional network, and strengthen their resumes as well. It’s a win-win situation. I am very excited to watch the league grow and attract top talent to The Land.”
Bice, a former Ohio State standout and Major League Lacrosse all star, has been one of the biggest supporters of USBOXLA-sanctioned box lacrosse and feels the OCBLL is the natural next step for Resolute athletes. 
“For us at Resolute, we’re always looking for ways to provide opportunities for our players, and college players are no exception,” said Bice, who for the past two summers has served as a coach with Team USBOXLA during high profile Canadian tours. “We’ve had a lot of kids graduate from our program who are currently playing lacrosse in college. 
“When they come home for the summer, there’s nothing really competitive for them to get better. Now there is.”
Resolute will also manage the everyday operation of the OCBLL, currently in the final stages of negotiating an arena deal in Cleveland. 
“With more USBOXLA-sanctioned collegiate leagues popping up in the next few years, I’m really confident this is going to be something that really catches on and succeeds,” added Bice. “We want to give Americans a similar experience to what Canadian collegiate players experience during their summers. 
“I think the NCBS is what will get us there. It’s almost impossible to fathom how big this could be even just a few years from now, but to see the impact the CCBLL had in just a single season last year, well, I’m beyond excited to see this continue to grow into something really special.”

Check out this documentary that TLN did on the inaugural season of the CCBLL