NFL Players That Played Lacrosse

(Will Yeatman played football and lacrosse at Notre Dame and Maryland. (Photo: Maryland Athletics)

The 2020 NFL Draft wrapped up on Saturday after three days of action. And while Bill Belichick didn’t draft anyone with a lacrosse background, there were still some mentions of lacrosse during the draft. 

In the first round, the Tennessee Titans selected Georgia offensive tackled Isaiah Wilson, who played both football and lacrosse in high school at Brooklyn Poly Prep (N.Y.). Also, Notre Dame defensive end Jamir Jones, who signed with the Houston Texans as a UFA on Saturday night, played both in high school as well at Aquinas Institute (N.Y.). 

Those two are just the latest examples of NFL players who also dabbled a bit (or a lot) in lacrosse. Here is a look at some NFL players, past and present, who also played lacrosse.

John Mackey, TE, Baltimore Colts

The late, great John Mackey played football and lacrosse at Syracuse. He was selected 19th overall in the 1963 NFL Draft by the Colts, where he played from 1963-1971. He finished his career with the San Diego Charger in 1972. Mackey is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the namesake for the John Mackey Award for college football’s best tight end.

Jim Brown, RB, Cleveland Browns

Arguably the greatest athlete to ever live, Jim Brown was a star in both football and lacrosse at Syracuse. He was the 6th pick in the 1957 NFL Draft and spent his entire career with the Cleveland Browns, winning one NFL Championship in 1964. He is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and National Lacrosse Hall of Fame. 

Chris Hogan, WR, Carolina Panthers

The most notable example of a former lacrosse player making headways in the NFL as of recent is Carolina Panthers wide receiver Chris Hogan. The two-time Super Bowl winner (New England) starred in high school at Ramapo (N.J) before playing four years of lacrosse at Penn State, where he was a vital piece of the Nittany Lions’ offense. Hogan took a fifth-year and played college football at Monmouth.

Tom Kennedy,WR, Detroit Lions

A Farmingdale, N.Y. native, Kennedy played both football and lacrosse in high school. He then went to Bryant, where he played both as a freshman. Kennedy quit football after that first season to focus on lacrosse, where he was a standout midfielder for the Bulldogs. However, he did play football as a senior at Bryant. Kennedy played in the MLL for the Boston Cannons during the 2018 season before returning to playing football as a grad student at Bryant. He was signed as a UFA by the Detroit Lions and is the only player to have played in both a pro lacrosse and football game. 

Steven Hauschak, K, Buffalo Bills

A 12-year NFL veteran, Hauschak played lacrosse and soccer in high school at Needham (Mass.). He went on to Middlebury (DII), where he was cut from the soccer team. He picked up football while also playing lacrosse at Middlebury. Hauschak played one year of football as a grad transfer at NC State before entering the NFL in 2008 with the Minnesota Vikings. 

Will Yeatman, OL, Houston Texans

After five seasons in the NFL, Yeatman retired in 2015 with the Houston Texans. The San Diego, Calif. native went to Notre Dame for both football and lacrosse. He was a standout attackman for the Irish during his first two seasons. Yeatman transferred to Maryland in January of 2009, where he continued to play both for the final two years of his college career. He helped lead the Terrapins to the NCAA Quarterfinals in 2009 and 2010. 

Sam Hubbard, DE, Cincinatti Bengals

Before Hubbard was wrapping up quarterbacks in the backfield on Sundays, and before he helped lead Ohio State to a College Football Playoff appearance, Hubbard was a standout high school lacrosse player at Archbishop Moeller (Ohio). Hubbard was originally committed to play lacrosse at Notre Dame but eventually flipped to Ohio State football. Playing midfield, Hubbard amassed 101 points (69G/32A) in three seasons at Moeller. 

Chris Long, DE, Philadelphia Eagles

A two-time Super Bowl Champion (New England, Philadelphia), Long retired in 2018 with the Philadelphia Eagles after a 10-year career career in the NFL. Long played lacrosse in high school at St. Anne’s-Belfield (Va.). He only played his sophomore and junior season. Long chose to focus on football and played in college at Virginia. 

Patrick Kerney, DE, Seattle Seahawks

Kerney played both football and lacrosse at Virginia. He was a defenseman for the Cavaliers in 1996 and 1997, but gave up lacrosse for football following his sophomore year. Kerney went on to be a two-time pro bowler in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks. He also led the NFL in sacks during the 2007 season. He retired with the Seahawks after the 2009 season, ending his 10-year career.

Mike D’Amato, New York Jets

D’Amato played football and lacrosse at Hofstra. In 1968 he was drafted in the 10th round by the Jets and was part of the team that won the 1968 Super Bowl, making him the first player to be an All-American in lacrosse and win a Super Bowl. 

Nick O’Leary, TE, Las Vegas Raiders 

The grandson of legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, O’Learly was a standout high school football and lacrosse player at Dwyer (Fla.), and was recruited very highly in both. He went on to play football at Florida State, where he helped lead them to a 2014 national title. He just finished his fifth season in the NFL. 

Kyle Lauletta, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Currently a reserve QB for the Eagles, Lauletta starred in football and lacrosse in high school at Downingtown East (Pa.). He went on to play college football at Richmond and was a fourth-round draft pick by the New York Giants in 2018. 

Micha Kiser, LB, Los Angeles Rams

Kiser played lacrosse in high school for Gilman (Md.), where he was part of a a pretty talented midfield corp during his time there. Kiser went on to play college football at Virginia and was selected in the fifth round of the 2018 NFL Draft by the Rams. 

Alex Collins, RB, Baltimore Ravens

Collins played one year of high school lacrosse at South Plantation (Fla.), where he put together some pretty impressive highlights. He played college football at Arkansas and last played for the Baltimore Ravens in 2018.

Jason Kelce, C, Philadelphia Eagles

A three-time pro bowler and Super Bowl champion, Kelce played a few seasons of high school lacrosse at Cleveland Heights (Ohio). He originally walked-on at Cincinnati as a running back before being moved to offensive line. He was drafted by the Eagles and has been with them his whole career. 

Joe Ehrmann, DT, Baltimore Colts

Ehrmann played both football and lacrosse at Syracuse. He went on to play 10 seasons in the NFL, spending the majority of his career with the Baltimore Colts. His last few seasons in the NFL (1981-82) were spent withe the Detroit Lions.  

Stan Cherry, LB, Baltimore Colts

A member of the “Ten Bears” Morgan State lacrosse team in the 1970s, Cherry played one season for the Baltimore Colts in 1973. 

Jim Thorpe

One of the first stars of the NFL, Thorpe is regarded as one of the greatest athletes to ever live. Thorpe played football, lacrosse, and baseball at Carlisle Institute. Although, it is unknown how many seasons of lacrosse he did play. Only a few pictures have been founded of Thorpe playing lacrosse. 

Looking Back at Bowling Green State Lacrosse

John Bowen on Youtube

   I came across this video the other day that was all about Bowling Green State’s varsity lacrosse program that existed from 1965-1979.
So, Bowling Green had Lacrosse at the varsity level for around 15 years. That honestly is something that I did not know. I knew of schools like Morgan State, Boston College, and NC State that used to have programs, but I didn’t know about Bowling Green State.

   If you didn’t know, Bowling Green State, BGSU, is a public university in Bowling Green, Ohio. BGSU’s mascot is the Falcons and they have had some pretty good success in Football. They are in the MAC conference and are Division 1. They also have a pretty respectful DI Hockey program up there as well.

  Their Lacrosse program ran from 1965-1979. So, BGSU was DI NCAA for the first NCAA tournament in 1971. The team was actually pretty good. They won over 75% of their games and they won three conference championships. BGSU was in the Midwest Lacrosse Association. They were also ranked in the top 25 a few times as well. In 1970 they were ranked in the top 10! That is really cool. I noticed that they played teams like Ohio State, Kenyon College, Denision, and other midwest teams. I am not 100% sure on this, but I’m pretty sure I saw they played Syracuse one season.

  It turns out that the video I cam across was made for a reunion of old players and coaches from the BGSU program. Come to find out, US Lacrosse actually gave BGSU lacrosse their own pillar at their new headquarters in Sparks, MD. That is pretty cool. The US Lacrosse HQ has a bunch of pillars around at different spots and they commemorated different pillars to people or teams. So, if you ever get a chance to go there you need to check out the BGSU pillar.

 I was able to find an article on the BGSU website that talked about the Lacrosse program.

 Legacy of BGSU Lacrosse Celebrated

BGSU Lacrosse Videos:

Will The XFL Hurt Lacrosse?

   If you all did not see or hear Vince McMahon announced yesterday that he is going to bring back the XFL in 2020. This league will start in the spring of 2020 around the same time that College Lacrosse starts. That means that if the XFL is a success this time it could take away from lacrosse.

  Now, how would that happen and how would it affect the game?

    Well, if the XFL gets on a good TV network and people watch it then more people would likely tune into football than lacrosse. I think this would be awful for the sport because the growth would stunt. People would not be seeing lacrosse as much as I would like them to. The growth would be stunted mostly in places like Texas where football is king. Also, any place that gets an XFL team and has a college, MLL, or NLL team needs to worry. I feel that could potentially impact the attendance of those games as well. Obviously places like upstate New York and Baltimore where they care a lot about lacrosse should be very safe from this hurt by football and the XFL. So, I think that TV would hurt the most and then attendance would be the second most hurt for the game of lacrosse because of the XFL coming back.

The Good News?

     The good news is that this new XFL will not start until 2020. By that time Utah and St. Bonaventure will be DI programs and I hope we have more new college teams announced. We will also have two new NLL franchises in Philadelphia and San Diego. Also, Dallas will be entering their 3rd MLL season and there will most likely be expansion teams announced in the near future. Also, the sport is still growing at a rapid rate at the grassroots level.  So, what I am saying here is that we still have two years where we can help grow and push the sport forward before our season gets invaded by some WWE dude who wants to revamp his failed football league.

    I really want us to push sport forward and I really do hope that the XFL doesn’t take anything away from lacrosse at all. All the things that I talked about in this post are basically just things that could happen and are not for sure going to happen yet.

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December Calendar

   December will be full of Box lacrosse action both here in our local area, Louisville,KY, as well as in the NLL. The NLL regular season starts on December 8th. locally USBOXLA is holding a tournament here in Louisville,KY at King Louie’s Sports Complex. Here is an image of our calendar where you all can take a look at what we have going on in the month of December. You will find every NLL game in that month marked on there as well as the USBOXLA Tournament.


     This was a little bit different than most stuff we usually do but we hoped you liked it and we might start doing this kind of Monthly preview type stuff as the NLL season gets into gear and then on into the College and MLL seasons as well. Until next time have a great week and a great rest of November.

          Stay hydrated!
              – Tanner Demling

Basketball Night in America

The NBA season is now a week in and we will do the same as we did for the NFL. We will attempt to put together a roster made up of Pro Lacrosse players. Since Basketball only has 5 players on the floor at a time we will go ahead and make two starting 5 teams. Let’s get going and welcome to NBA season folks!

1st Team                                                                                             

PG- Rob Pannell

SG- Kyle Harrison

SF- Paul Rabil

PF- Brodie Merrill

C- Scotty Rogers

2nd Team

PG- Steele Stanwick

SG- Will Manny

SF- Tom Schrieber

PF- Joe Walters

C- Dillon Ward

If these teams went head to head who do you think would win? What would the score be? I know we have some basketball experience on both sides of the ball which would really help the experience factor out a whole lot. Well, that’s all she wrote so you all have a great rest of the day and week. Don’t forget to check out our CUFLA Championship Weekend coverage from earlier this week as well as this weekend too.
   Stay Hydrated!
           – Tanner Demling

NFL Sunday

In a few weeks, this day will be known as Gameday for NFL fans. So, I decided that we need to make an NFL team out of MLL players. Today will be the Offense and Tomorrow will be the Defense!

QB- Rob Pannell – NY Lizards

RB- Myles Jones – Chesapeake Bayhawks

WR-  Paul Rabil – NY Lizards

WR- Chazz Woodson – Florida Launch

TE – Romar Dennis – Denver Outlaws

FB – Ryan Brown – Charlotte Hounds

C-  Scotty Rogers – Ohio Machine

RG – Blaze Riorden – Rochester Rattlers

LG- Chris O’Dougherty – Denver Outlaws

RT- James Fahey – Boston Cannons

LT- Garrett Epple – Atlanta Blaze

So, How about that team right there. I think they could at least beat the Browns and Maybe the Jets.
Stay tuned tomorrow as we will be putting out our Monday Night Football MLL Defense.