CLA History: The Presidents Cup

Photo Credit: Tim Prothero                                                                                                                                

As summer starts to wind down so does the summer box season across Canada, and that means that the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) national championships are on the horizon.

This year, I wanted to take a dive into the history of each of the four CLA National Championships that will take place from August through September. After looking at the history of the Founders Cup and Minto Cup, we move onto the Presidents Cup which is the championship for Senior “B”.

Off all the CLA National Championships, the Presidents Cup is one of the youngest, if not the youngest, championship in Canada. First started in 1964, the Presidents Cup hasn’t always been just Senior “B”, and has also seen multiple trophies used as well. 

The actual Presidents Cup trophy has changed since the beginnings. The original trophy was the Castrol Oil Presidents Cup and was used from 1964-1971. The second trophy was in use from 1972-1995. Both cups have now been donated to the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame. 

In 1996, the current Presidents Cup trophy was donated by the Iroquois Lacrosse Association and the 1995 Presidents Cup champions, Akwesasne Thunder. That trophy has been in use from 1996 and is still being used today. 

The Presidents Cup originally saw all senior teams be eligible for the tournament, not just Senior “B” teams like it is today. The first team to win the Presidents Cup was Ohsweken Warriors in 1964. Also, the only two teams that put together a three-peat in the pre-Senior “B” days were the Vernon Tigers (1976-1978) and the Fergus Thistlers (1986-1988).  

In terms of most championships, the Fergus Thistlers out of Ontario holds the record for most Presidents Cup championships with six. Today, the St. Albert Miners are a dynasty, winning each of the last three Presidents Cup championships. 

Now days, The Presidents Cup features the host team, Can-Am Senior B League champions, OSBLL (Ontario) champions, PGLL (Saskatchewan) champions, QSLL (Quebec) champions, RMLL (Alberta) champions, Three Nations Lacrosse League champions, and WCSLA (British Columbia) champions. 

The 2019 Presidents will be hosted by the Kahnawke Mohawks on Kahnawke Mohawks territory in Quebec from August 26th – September 1st. The Saskatoon Brewers (PGLL champs) and Kahnawke Mohawks (Host) are the only two teams to qualify thus far. 


President’s Cup Heading Back to Kahnawake

Photo Credit Greg Horn
The CLA has announced that the 2019 President’s Cup will be held in Kahnawake, Quebec from August 26th to September 1st. The Kahnawake Mohawks of the Quebec Senior Lacrosse League (QSLL) will be the host team for the tournament. This will be the third time that the tournament has been held in Kahnawake as they played host to the 2000 and 2013 President’s Cup’s as well.
Kahnawake Sports Complex will be the venue for the tournament just like it was in 2000 and 2013. The President’s Cup is Canada’s men’s senior B box lacrosse championship. The championship brings all the senior B provincial champions together for one week long tournament to determine who can claim themselves as the senior B national champions, or in this case President’s Cup Champions. 
The host team Kahnawake Mohawks has captured five silver medals with the most recent coming in 2016. The other four were in 1968, 1979, 2004, and 2013. 
Last year the 2018 President’s Cup was held in Nanaimo, British Columbia as the St. Albert Miners won their third straight championship. The Miners have completed the first three peat since the Fergus Thistles when they won three straight from 1986, 1987, and 1988. Only three teams have ever won three President’s Cup’s in a row and no team has ever completed a four peat.
More information will be released as we draw closer to the tournament next August and September. The official website of the President’s Cup is where the majority of information will be released.

Can-Am Lacrosse League is Expanding

Photo Credit Frank Geyer
The Can-Am Lacrosse League is expanding after they announced the addition of three new teams for the 2019 season. Of the three new teams coming into the league in 2019 there is a Canadian, American, and First Nations team.
For those who don’t know the Can-Am Lacrosse League is a Senior B box lacrosse league in Canada and Upstate New York. The Can-Am winner advances to the Canada Senior B championship, the Presidents Cup.
The Toronto Tigers were they first team announced to join the Can-Am Lacrosse League next year. They will be known as the Hamilton Tigers. The Tigers are a fairly new team as they were just founded in 2017. They are a travel senior men’s box lacrosse team that has played in multiple tournaments in the USA and Canada over the past year. Some of the tournaments that they have played in include the Western Door Tournament, Battle of the Boarder, Montreal Winter Classic, and more.
The second team that the Can-Am Lacrosse League announced as an expansion team in 2019 was the Pelham Raiders. The Raiders are based in New York and this will be their first ever senior men’s team ever. Pelham has established teams at the Peewee, Paperweight, Novice, Midget, and Bantam level. They also have a U19 and U15 field teams. This will be the first time that the Niagara region of NY has had a Senior B team since 2015.
Akwesasne is third and final team that the Can-Am Lacrosse League has accepted as an expansion team in 2019. The Indians are from the Mohawks territory of Akwesasne and have been playing Jr. B lacrosse in the OJBLL for a long time. The Indians now have a Senior B team and look to have the same kind of success that they have had with their Jr. B program.
With the addition of these three expansion teams in the Can-Am Lacrosse League there will be eleven teams in the league starting in 2019. Because of this increase in teams the schedule will change slightly as well. Each team will play ten home games and ten away games in the regular season. That means each team will have a total of 20 games instead of 14 like last season.

St. Albert Seals the Three Peat in President’s Cup Championship

Photo Credit: Greg Sakaki
It was a fantastic championship Sunday at the President’s Cup in Nanaimo as we saw the St. Albert Miners win their third straight President’s Cup in overtime. With that win St. Albert joins some elite company as they are juts the third team to win three straight President’s Cup Championships. The other two teams were the Vernon Tigers (1976,77,78) and Fergus Thistles (1986,87,88).
In addition to the championship game we saw some great lacrosse being played in the placement games as well. The headline of the placement games had to be Saskatoon claiming fifth place after going 0-7 in round robin play.

Championship Game

St. Albert Miners 10 vs Nanaimo Timbermen 8 – OT

It was a tight game in which St. Albert actually had to comeback in the third to force overtime and secure the win. At the end of the first St. Albert held a 3-2 lead over Nanaimo. In the second period Nanaimo would catch fire as they would get out ahead, but St. Albert would subdue that lead just a little. Coming into the third Nanaimo held a 7-6 lead and it remained close the entire period. We would need overtime to settle this one as it was 8-8 as the buzzer sounded to end the third. In a ten minute overtime period St. Albert would score two goals to secure the 10-8 win and capture their third straight President’s Cup title. St. Albert would see some exceptional play from Mike Triolo as well as Aaron Bold who was stellar in cage, especially in the overtime period.

Placement Game Scores

Bronze Medal: Caughnawaga Indians 15 vs Oakville Titans 6
5th Place: Saskatoon Brewers 9 vs Onondaga Redhawks 8
7th Place: Ladner Pioneers 10 vs Capital Region Axemen 7

Finals Standings

1. St. Albert Miners
2. Nanaimo Timbermen
3. Caughnawaga Indians
4. Oakville Titans
5. Saskatoon Brewers
6. Onondaga Redhawks
7. Ladner Pioneers
8. Capital Region Axemen

President’s Cup Day 7: Nanaimo and St. Albert to Faceoff in Championship

Photo Credit: Greg Sakaki/Bulletin Sports

Today might have been one of the least interesting days of the President’s Cup, besides what the outcome of these game would bring. The only games that weren’t one sided were the first two game of the day that featured Saskatoon vs Ladner and Capita; Region vs Onondaga. There games were very close and exciting pretty much the whole way.

After today’s results we found out who would be in the championship, bronze, 5th, and 7th place games tomorrow on the last day of the 2018 President’s Cup.

Today’s Scores

Championship Bracket

2. Oakville Titans vs 3. Nanaimo Timbermen – 3-10
1. St. Albert Miners vs 4. Caughnawaga Indians – 14-2

Placement Bracket

6. Capital Region Axemen vs 7. Onondaga Redhawks –
5. Ladner Pioneers vs 8. Saskatoon Brewers – 8-10

Sunday Schedule

7th Place Game: Capital Region Axemen vs Ladner Pioneers – 9AM PST/12PM EST
5th Place Game: Saskatoon Brewers vs Onondaga Redhawks – 12PM PST/3PM EST
Bronze Medal Game: Caughnawaga Indians vs Oakville Titans – 3PM PST/6PM EST
Gold Medal Game: Nanaimo Timbermen vs St. Albert Miners – 6PM PST/9PM EST

President’s Cup Day 6 Recap: The Playoffs are Set!

Photo Courtesy of Lacrosse All Stars

As we watched four games on the final day of round robin play we would see close games, blowouts, and madness in the standings. It was a fantastic way to end the round robin portion of this years President’s cup. We should expect even more on Saturday and Sunday in the playoffs.

Onondaga Redhawks 9 vs Saskatoon Brewers 7

This might be the best game I’ve seen Saskatoon play all week as they hung in there with Onondaga all game, despite the loss. It was a very tight game but Onondaga would have a big second period that helped lift them to victory.
Saskatoon would be led by Adam Saunders with 3 points (2G,1A) and Brandon Murphy who had 3 points (1G,2A). In goal for Saskatoon Hunter Wongstedt had 30 saves of of 38 shots. For Onondaga they would be led by Kori Halftown who had 3 points (2G,1A) and Chris Laurita with 3 points (1G,2A). Gerald Johnson also contributed heavily with 3 points (2G,1A). Edmund Cathers would have 31 saves off of 38 shots in goal for Onondaga.

Oakville Titans 8 vs Caughnawaga Indians 4

In the first Caugnawaga held a 2-1 but that would change fast as Oakville controlled the final two period to secure the win. Oakville give Caughnawaga their second win of the tournament as they haven’t looked their best these final two days of round robin play, but Oakville took advantage of that.
In terms of points Caughnawaga would be led by Brett Bucktooth who put up 3 points (2G,1A). A whole host of others would get just one goal including Ty Thompson. In goal for Caughnawaga was Brandon Miller has he had 42 saves off of 50 shots. For Oakville they would be led by Ryan Johnston with 4 points (1G,3A). Cree Blakely also played a big role again with 3 points (2G,1A). Jesse Legault got most of the minutes in goal for Oakville as he had 39 saves off of 43 shots in the win.

Nanaimo Timbermen 10 vs Capital Region 4

Coming out of the fist period Nanaimo held a 5-4 lead over Capital Region. Nanaimo wouldn’t let Capital Region back in the game at all as they dominated the final two quarters on both ends of the floor to secure a 10-4 victory to close out round robin play.
Capital region was led by Austin Robinson who had 2 points (1G,1A) and Tim Bergin as he also put up 2 points (1G,1A). In goal Brett Perras got most of the minutes in goal as he had 23 saves off of 31 shots. Nanaimo was led by Jeff Shattler with 5 points (2G,3A) and Andrew Miller as he had 5 points (1G,4A). In goal for Nanaimo Pete Dubenski had 18 saves off of 22 shots.

St. Albert Miners 10 vs Ladner Pioneers 9

What an insane game this one was! It was all St. Albert early on but Ladner would start to make a comeback in the second period. As both teams continued to fight Ladner took the lead in the third but a two goal run to end the game for St. Albert would seal the deal.
Ladner was led by Tom Johnson with 5 points (3G,2A) and Tylerk Kirby who also had 5 points (5A). Nathan Clare also made big contributions for Ladner with 4 points in the game. Zach Wickett had 20 saves off of 30 shots in goal for Ladner.
St. Albert would see contributions from Mike Triolo who had 5 points (5A) as well as Derek Burak who put up 4 points (2G,2A). Nik Farris also contributed heavily with 3 points for St. Albert. In goal Matt Hiebert got the majority of the minutes as he made 36 saves off of 39 shots. Brady Johnson played some significant time in goal for St. Albert as well.

Playoff Schedule

Here is the schedule for tomorrow as the playoffs get underway.

Medal Bracket

2. Oakville vs 3. Nanaimo – 3PM PST/6PM EST
1. St. Albert vs 4. Caughnawaga – 6PM PST/9PM EST

Placement Bracket

6. Capital Region vs 7. Onondaga – 9AM PST/1PM EST
5. Ladner vs 8. Saskatoon – 12PM PST/3PM EST

President’s Cup Day 5 Recap: Capital Region Upsets Caughnawaga

Photo Courtesy of Lacrosse All Stars
Day five of the President’s Cup was filled with more great lacrosse action. On Thursday there were some blowouts, but also some close games and comebacks, as well as a big upset. Nonetheless, we would see high level lacrosse and athletes all over the floor in each game.
*FYI: Point Streak is not working at the moment so there will be no stats for the game recaps.*

Caughnawaga Indians 15 vs Saskatoon Brewers 5

This one wasn’t much of a contest as Caughnawaga continues to roll through this tournament. Saskatoon would put together a good fight late in the game, but it was really all Caughnawaga the whole way as they cruised to victory. Charlie Goodleaf, Ty Thompson, and Blaze Riorden would have good showing for Caughnawaga. Saskatoon would be led by Ben Lukash.

Oakville Titans 16 vs Ladner Pioneers 6

It was another one-sided affair in game two of the day as well. Oakville was able to roll through Ladner and get the 16-6 win. Oakville was led by Eddy Renaud and Ladner saw an impressive performance from Dylan Lacroix.

St. Albert Miners 10 vs Onondaga Redhawks 5

In a fantastic game St. Albert was able to comeback from 4-2 deficit and take control of the game. That comeback gave St. Albert the energy they needed to get the 10-5 win to get back on track after their first loss yesterday. Onondaga would see an impressive performance from Edmund Cathers and St. Albert would be led by Pat O’Meara.

Capital Region Axemen 8 vs Caughnawaga Indians 7

Upset City!!! Capital Region pulled off the win of the day as they defeated the previously undefeated Caughnawaga Indians. This was a very exciting game as it was a battle until the end. Capital Region got up earlier and Caughnawaga wouldn’t be able to comeback all the way as they took their first loss. Blake Kenny had a big game fro Capital Region and Jacob Ruest helped lead Caughnawaga.

Nanaimo Timbermen 6 vs Oakville Titans 5

This game had you on the edge of your seat the entire time it was so tight. Overtime would finally decide the winner as Nanaimo was able to pull out the win as Jordan Cunningham scored the game winning goal in OT. This game was very tight as the game kept swaying from Oakville to Nanaimo and back the entire game. Oakville was led by Eddie Renaud and Nanaimo would see an impressive performance from Cory Conway in the win.

President’s Cup Day 4 Recap: Caughnawaga Stays Unbeaten

Photo Courtesy of Lacrosse All Stars
It was another great day jam packed with lacrosse at the 2018 President’s Cup on Wednesday. We would see more great performances, tight games, and more. The big story of the day was Caughnawaga defeating St. Albert as they remain the only unbeaten team left. Also, the rivalry game between Nanaimo and Ladner lived up the hype for sure.

Oakville Titans 7 vs Capital Region Axemen 6

In this game Oakville pretty much had a handle on the game in the beginning. Capital Region put together an impressive comeback in the third period but couldn’t overcome the deficit and took that one goal loss.
Capital Region was led by Mark Vrandenburg with 4  points (4G) while Oakville was led by Cree Blakely who had 4 points (2G,2A). In cage for Capital Region was Brett Perras who had 34 saves off f 41 shots. Oakville’s goalie Craig Wende had 32 saves off of 38 shots in their win.

Ladner Pioneers 8 vs Onondaga Redhawks 5

The Ladner offense got out to a hot start as they barreled their way through that Onondaga defense and were able to score goal after goal in the game. That early spark would help Ladner get the lead and keep the lead the whole game.
Onondaga was led by Josh Becker who had 3 points (2G,1A) and Leroy Halftown who also had 3 points (1G,2A). In goal for Onondaga Ross Bucktooth had 38 saves off of 46 shots.
Bryan Poole led Ladner with 4 points (3G,1A) while Tom Johnson and Ian Poole had 2 points each. Brodie MacDonald made 26 saves off of 31 shots for Ladner in the win.

Caughnawaga Indians 10 vs St. Albert Miners 7

The battle of the undefeated’s went down today as Caughnawaga defeated the two-time President’s Cup champions St. Albert. 10-7. This was a very close game the whole way, but Caughnawaga got the upper had to secure the win.
St. Albert was led by Mike Triolo with 5 points (3G,2A) and Graedon Cornfield with 3 points (2G,1A). Aaron Bold had 33 saves off of 43 shots in goal for St. Albert.
The leaders for Caughnawaga were Jacob Ruest with 5 points (1G,4A) and Blaze Riorden as he put up 5 points (4G,1A). In goal for Caughnawaga Brandon Miller had 30 saves off of 37 shots.

Capital Region Axemen 12 vs Saskatoon Brewers 9

It was another close game as Capital Region used an early run to help them secure the 12-9 win over Saskatoon. Even with Saskatoon putting together a good fight in the second and third periods they couldn’t get the job done and secure the win as they still search for their first win.
Saskatoon was led by Regan Harding who had 4 points (4G). Cameron Simpson also made contributions with 2 points. In goal Hunter Wongstedt had 36 saves off of 28 shots.
Capital Region was led by Tim Bergin with 5 points (2G,3A) and Blake Kenny with 3 points (2G,1A). Chris Chuback had 33 saves off of 42 shots in goal for Capital region.

Nanaimo Timbermen 8 vs Ladner Pioneers 6

The host Nanaimo got a big win a a hard fought game against Ladner. This was a tight and physical game that was one of the best of the day. Nanaimo came out on top but it could have easily gone the other way.
Ladner was led by Jake Carey, Ryan Keith, and Mike Berkeoff who each had 2 points a piece. In goal for Ladner was Brodie Macdonald who made 31 saves off of 39 shots.
Nanaimo would be led by Corey Shires and Jonathan Diplock who each had 3 points. Nick Preston and Jeff Shattler also contributed heavily. Pete Dubenski had 35 saves off of 41 shots in the win.

President’s Cup Day 3 Recap: Big Performances Highlight Day Three

Photo Courtesy of Lacrosse All Stars

Day three of the 2018 President’s Cup continued to showcase some of the best lacrosse in the world. We had some more tight games today and great performances from guys like Blaze Riorden and Vaugh Harris.

Onondaga Redhawks 8 vs Capital Region Axemen 7

Capital region would get out to a good start as this game was pretty close all game long. Onondaga would use a big second quarter to get ahead and stay ahead. That would help aide them and get the 8-7 win.
Capital region would be led by Blake Kenny and Mark Vrandenburg. Kenny had 6 points (4G,2A) while Vrandenburg put up 2 points (1G,1A). In goal for Capital Region Brett Perras had 29 saves off of 39 shots.
Onondaga was led by Josh Becker and Chris Laurtia. Becker notched 5 points (3G,2A) while Laurtia had 2 points (2G). Ross Bucktooth racked up 35 saves off of 42 shots for Onondaga in the win.

St. Albert Miners 15 vs Oakville Titans 8

This game was written in the first period as St. Albert got off to a hot start. Oakville would start to put it together late in the game but they couldn’t overcome the deficit. St. Albert stays undefeated with this win over Oakville.
Nolan Apers and Jordan Gillis would lead Oakville in the points category. Apers had 4 points (3G,1A) while Gillis had 2 points (1G,1A). In goal for Oakville Jesse Legault played the majority of the game as he had 33 saves off of 42 shots. Craig Wende only played 8 minutes this game.

St. Albert would be led by Keegan Ball and Richard Lachlan. Ball had 7 points (2G,5A) while Lachlan put up 6 points (4G,2A). Mike Triolo, Patrick Omeara and others also made big contributions. Aaron Bold notched up 32 saves off of 40 shots in goal for St. Albert in the win.

Ladner Pioneers 16 vs Saskatoon Brewers 3

This game was clear from the start that it wasn’t going to be close. The way the Ladner dominated Saskatoon early on both sides of the floor really helped them get an keep the lead to secure the win. This win pushed Ladner to a 2-1 and Saskatoon to 0-4.
Saskatoon would be led by Cameron Simpson and Bryton Thorarinsson as both guys scored Saskatoon’s three goals. Simpson had 2 points (2G), and Thorarinsson had 1 point (1G). Louden Choptuik had 36 saves off of 52 shots in goal for Saskatoon.
Tyler Kirkby and Dylan Lacroix would be the point leaders for Ladner in the win. Kirkby had 6 points (3G,3A) while Lacroix put up 5 points (3G,2A). In goal for Ladner Zach Wickett had 25 saves off of 28 shots.

Caughnawaga Indians 15 vs Onondaga Redhawks 8

Caughnawaga got out to an early lead and they never let up. They just dominated all game long and that really helped them secure the 15-8 win. Onondaga would start to get some momentum late in the game but they just didn’t have enough in the tank.
Onondaga was led by Lee Nanticoke and Chris Laurtia. Nanticoke put up 5 points (2G,3A) while Laurtia had 4 points (3G,1A). Cameron Seneca, LeroyHalftown, and Josh Becker also played well as they had 3 points a piece. In goal for Onondaga Ross Bucktooth and Edmund Cathers split time.
For Caughnawaga Blaze Riorden and Vaugh Harris were their leaders as they contributed big time. Riorden and Harris each put up 5 points with 5 goals a piece. Jacob Ruest also had 5 points (1G,4A). In goal for Caughnawaga Brandon Miller had 39 saves off of 47 shots.

St. Albert Miners 10 vs Nanaimo Timbermen 5

St. Albert stays undefeated after defeating Nanaimo 10-5 during the night cap on Tuesday. This game started off pretty tight but St. Albert would eventually pull away late in the game to secure the five goal win.
Sam Postma would lead Nanaimo with 2 points (2G). Cayle Ratcliff also had 2 points (1G,1A) for Nanaimo. Nick Patterson had 41 saves off of 51 shots in goal for Nanaimo.
For St. Albert they were led by Richard Lachlan and Keegan Ball. Lachlan had 5 points (3G,2A) while Ball put up 6 points (1G,5A). In goal Aaron Bold had 40 saves off of 45 shots in the win.

President’s Cup Day 2 Recap: Riorden and Thompson With Huge Performances

Photo Credit: Greg Sakaki / The News Bulletin
Day two of the 2018 President’s Cup saw more exciting lacrosse being played all day. There were five games today and they all were pretty close and very highly competitive.

Naniamo Timbermen 14 vs Saskatoon Brewers 11

The host team Naniamo got their first win of the tournament as they defeated Saskatoon 14-11. This was a very tight game as both squads were going back and fourth pretty much the entire game. It would be the second period performance from Naniamo that helped them secure the win.
Saskatoon would be lead by Brandon Murphy, Cameron Simpson, and Bryton Thorarinsson. Murphy had 5 points (1G,4A) while Simpson put up3 points (1G,2A). Thorarinsson would have 3 points (3G) for Saskatoon. Hunter Wongstedt playedin goal for Saskatoon, but no stats were available.
The point leaders for Naniamo were Sam Postma and Darrin Wilson. Postma ended the day with 5 points (1G,4A) while Wilson had 5points (2G,3A). Corey Shires and Shane Chalker also contributed with 4 points a piece. In goal for Naniamo was Pete Dubenski. No goalie stats are available.

St. Albert Miners 7 vs Capital Region Axemen 5

This was a very tight game but a big second period from St. Albert would help them secure the win. Capital region put together a decent comeback in the third but they just couldn’t top St. Albert. This win puts St. Albert at 2-0 in the President’s Cup and Capital region at 0-2.
The leading point scorers for Capital region were Aaron Foster and Blake Kenny. Foster scored all of the goals for Capital Region as he ended the day with 5 points (5G). Kenny would have 3 points (3A) on the day. In goal Brett Perras made 34 saves off of 41 shots for Capital Region.
St. Albert would be led by Keegan Ball and Richard Lachlan. Ball led the team with 4 points (3G,1A) while Lachlan had 2 points (2G). Mike Triolo and Nik Farris also contributed. In goal for St. Albert Aaron Bold made 37 saves off of 42 shots.

Caughnawaga Indians 9 vs Ladner Pioneers 8

Another very close game that went right down to the wire. Caughnawaga would be able to battle through and get the one goal 9-8 win with the help of some very impressive performances. After this result Ladner is 1-1 and Caughnawaga in 2-0 in the tournament.
Ladner was led by Bryan Poole and Dylan Lacroix. Poole would end with 4 points (1G,3A) while Lacroix had 3 points (1G,2A). Tyler Kirkby and Nathan Clare also made contributions with 3 points a piece. Brodie MacDonald had 42 saves off of 51 shots in goal for Ladner.
Caughnawaga would be led by Blaze Riorden and Ty Thompson who had big games. Riorden led the game with 6 points (2G,4A) while Thompson put up 4 points (2G,2A). In goal Brandon Miller had 33 saves off of 41 shots.

Naniamo Timbermen 15 vs Onondaga Redhawks 11

Naniamo was able to get their second win o the day as they beat Onondaga 15-11. These two teams literally traded goals almost all game. There was a ton goals scored and some great defensive play as Naniamo found the upper hand early in the third to help them secure the win.
Onondaga would be led by Josh Becker, James Cathers, and Wade Bucktooth. Beceker led the team with 7 points (3G,4A) while Cathers had 6 points (3G,3A). Bucktooth ended the day with 5 points (2G,3A). Ross Bucktooth and Edmund Cathers would share time in goal, but Bucktooth got the majority of the minutes. Bucktooth had 23 saves off of 38 shots.
Naniamo was led Corey Shires and Jordan Cunningham. Shires had 8 points (4G,4A) on the day while Cunningham put up 8 points ( 1G,7A). In goal for Naniamo Nick Patterson notched up 32 saves off of 43 shots.

Oakville Titans 11 vs Saskatoon Brewers 4

A game that was very close in the beginning ended with Oakville dominating the third period to secure the 11-4 win to move to 1-1 in the tournament. Saskatoon drops to 0-3 in the tournament with the loss.
Saskatoon was led by Cameron Simpson and Drew Dziadyk. Simpson had 2 points (2G) while Dziadyk put up the same 2 points (2G). Hunter Wongstedt played the majority of the minutes in goal as he had 35 saves off of 45 shots. Christopher Ptolemy also got a few minutes as well.
Oakville would be led again by Cree Blakely and Gage Board. Blakely finished the game with 6 points (5G,1A) while Board had 5 points (2G,3A). Eddie Renaud, Matt Lee, and Trevor Smyth also contributed for Oakville. Craig Wende had 27 saves off of 31 shots for Oakville in the win. Jesse Legault also saw time in goal for Oakville.