2021 Schedule Preview: Navy Midshipmen

(Photo Courtesy of Navy Athletics)

While it has taken a bit longer for teams and conference to get their schedules together for the 2021 season due to the Coronavirus outbreak and various restrictions surrounding the virus, Schedule release schedule has finally begun!

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Black Lacrosse Stories: Syd “The Squid” Abernethy

(Photo Courtesy of The United States Naval Academy)

*This article is part of a month long series, Black Lacrosse Stories, that highlights Black players and coaches who have made an impact on our game, but may be lesser known to many younger players today.*

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Where Each Service Academy Sits With The 2022 Class

September 1st, as it has since the fall of 2017, marked the opening of the contact period between college coaches and junior recruits with the exception of three schools: Air Force, Army, and Navy. The service academies recruit on a timeline that is a little different than the rest, as they can start contacting rising junior recruits on July 1st.

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Navy’s Rebuild Under Joe Amplo Couldn’t Be More on Schedule

(Photo Courtesy of Navy Athletics)

Y’all know the story by now.

Navy has one of the most storied lacrosse programs in the history of the game. The Midshipmen have 17 pre-NCAA national titles to their name and have been to the NCAA national championship twice (1975,2004). They have also appeared in 27 of the 48 NCAA tournaments and have five conference titles on their resume.

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